Yuen Method® Training Class (Module 1)

 Do you or your loved ones have any stress or health issues that won’t go away? Do you wish you could just resolve them by pressing a delete button just like what you do on a computer? Well, with the revolutionary technology Yuen Methodâ, you actually can!

 In this class, you will be introduced to the principles of the Yuen Methodâand the root causes of physical illnesses and life problems. You will learn how to energetically diagnose the weaknesses that lead to the problems and resolve them instantly for yourself and others. You will get sufficient practice and personal strengthening and be confident to apply this method to resolve pain and stress on the spot!

 Dates & Time:  9/22-9/23/2018   Sat & Sun 10-5

 Location:  Whole Health & Wellness Center

                       7635 Leesburg Pike, Falls Church, VA 22003

 Cost: $550 First timer, $300 Repeater

 Registration: PayPal.Me/CFNC




​​​Dr. Fan consults clients around the world via phone or skype. She sees clients in Ojai California and occasionally in Washington DC area.

Please call or use this  form to schedule phone or office appointments. Thank you and look forward to connecting with you!

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C. M.

Sharon’s use of the Yuen Method is astounding. My husband’s knee pain, my son’s sore throat and many of my symptoms went away during the call just in minutes. After each call, not only did our original issues disappear, we also felt great and energized. It’s like a reset button. You hang up ready to conquer the day! Sharon is leading us into a new era of care for the body/mind/spirit!

C. M.

Ojai, California

(301) 461-9510​​