Informed Consent

I have been informed that Sharon Fan is a nationally board-certified Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, not a licensed physician. I understand that she does not diagnose specific diseases or prescribe drugs. I recognize that any assessment and energy treatment made by Dr. Fan will be for the purpose of maximizing health and body function. I understand that any diet and lifestyle recommendations, nutritional supplements, homeopathic remedies and botanical medicines suggested to me by Dr. Fan are not replacements for medications and conventional medical treatment.

I understand that the remedies and supplements should be consumed according to the instructions provided orally and in writing. It is my responsibility to inform Dr. Fan any unanticipated effects. I understand that some supplements may be inappropriate during pregnancy or breastfeeding. I will notify Dr. Fan if I am or become pregnant or am currently breastfeeding.

I understand that the results are not guaranteed. I do not expect Dr. Fan to be able to anticipate all disease progress and complications. I have voluntarily sought naturopathic counseling and treatment from Dr. Fan and I hereby release Dr. Fan from any liability in connection with such services.

I recognize that this consent form covers the entire course of my counseling and treatment.