I have always suffered from incapacitating seasonal allergies. Over-the-counter medication offered some relief while prescription medication (Zyrtek, Claritin, Allegra) offered none. I could not start my day without taking some allergy medication. My chronic allergy attacks often brought on sinus infections. Because I had taken antibiotics so often, they no longer seemed to work. Looking for an alternative solution, I discovered the Center for Natural Cures.

I first saw Dr. Fan in the spring of 2001 after having two sinus infections in a four-month period, which antibiotics failed to alleviate.

Within a week of my first treatment, my sinus infection cleared and my energy levels were up. I could walk outside in peak tree pollen season and not sneeze. Today, I feel fantastic. I no longer have to stuff my pockets with tissue and carry allergy medicine around.


Takoma Park, MD, 2001