Words could never express my gratitude to you. For years Western doctors told me that I could never have a baby and they literally discouraged me from getting pregnant. When I came to your office for my first appointment, I left for the first time with hope. Believe it or not, I started looking forward to my Fridays off because I knew that I would be seeing you. I would leave your practice feeling totally invigorated and at peace and it was felt by everyone around me. After five months of treatments we decided to begin trying to conceive again, and we got pregnant in a matter of two weeks. I was still a bit worried when I became pregnant, since I had already had several miscarriages, but you were always in my corner ready to administer treatment and a listening ear. Thanks to you, we were able to have not only one but two bouncy girls, born on October 21st 2001 and May 15th 2003 named Mya Kimora and Tiffiny.


Germantown, MD, 2003