Events & Classes

Free Group Tele Clinic

In this Tele Clinic, each participant is welcome to present one specific issue/question (physical or non-physical) to be resolved on the spot. 

Date & Time: Jan 9 Sun  3-4:30 PM EST

The clinic is open to all. Space is limited. Please email to register and receive the zoom link.

Although it’s not required, a kind donation of any amount to CauveryCalling will be greatly appreciated. This campaign will support Indian farmers to palnt 2.42 billion trees to revitalize Cauvery River Basin, which will greatly improve soil quality, groundwater sequestration and increase green cover. This 12-year project will also set a working model for many countries to follow. For $0.6 per tree, any amount is helpful. For more information and donation, please click 

Yuen Method Training Class

In this class, you will be introduced to the principles of the Yuen Method® and the root causes of physical illnesses and life problems. You will learn how to energetically diagnose the weaknesses that lead to the problems and resolve them instantly for yourself and others. You will get sufficient practice and personal strengthening and be confident to apply this method to resolve pain and stress on the spot! 

Date & Time: Jan 15 & 16 Sat & Sun, 10 am – 5 pm EST 

Cost: First time $500,

Repeat $275 (two days), Repeat $150 (one day)

Payment options:

Zelle/Venmo/Paypal: please use phone # 301-461-9510 to send payment

Credit card payment: please call 301-461-9510 to process

All are welcome. New participants please make sure to include your email for sending zoom link and class material.




What clients are saying

Leila K

Taking the Yuen Method workshop offered by Sharon has completely shifted my relationship to existing in the world. I feel empowered to create space for myself and I no longer feel like a constant victim. I would recommend this course to anyone who feels under constant attack by life and is confused why they cannot find relief.
The beautiful thing about Yuen Method is that you don’t need to ‘believe’ in anything or convince yourself or others about how it works. You just give it a try and see how it works.
Sharon is a generous teacher and is fully dedicated to her students gaining confidence, experience, and real skills. After learning the Yuen Method with her, I have so much more confidence in being alive.
L. K.

Huan Xia

I met Dr. Sharon at a volunteer event and experienced the unbelievable effectiveness of the Yuen Method. It removed my long-term pain/stress within minutes.  This prompted me to attend the 2-day Zoom training in June 2021 with Dr. Sharon, and I feel like I walked away with a lifetime of wealth.

Sharon’s teaching style is direct, intuitive, and interactive, which I believe delivered the essence of Yuen method truthfully.  Her high conscious level has further enabled us to perceive the depth of the Yuen Method beyond a quick effective magical technique.  I feel that it opened another door for me to explore the boundless Universal love and to achieve balance in life and my infinite potentials.  Grateful to be a lucky recipient of such a wonderful tool from an extremely skillful and spiritually powerful teacher!

Huan Xia, PhD

Dr. Sheri Salartash

Dr. Fan, I really appreciate you teaching this wonderful method! Searching for an answer and feeling overwhelmed I was lucky to get introduced to you. I tried everything from meditation, yoga, energy work to be able to overcome the stress and anxiety of this busy life. I am amazed at the instant results you are able to achieve, and also teach this process so anyone can benefit from this extraordinary technology. We all need it!

Sheri Salartash, DDS