Yuen Method Testimonials

Tad S

Sharon is a fascinating detective to get to the roots of an issue and change them very quickly.  Recently I asked for her help with a receding gum problem.  In spite of overall good health, it was slowly getting worse, and nothing was helping.  We had a 25 minute session, after which I felt surprisingly energized, as though a large weight had been lifted from my shoulders.  I implemented a few recommendations Sharon made, and within 72 hours I noticed a positive change: the first in quite a while!

Tad S.

Philadelphia, PA

April barton

Our French Bulldog Bella had a spinal injury that caused her back end to become completely paralyzed (IVDD) and she had lost all ability to walk and use the bathroom.  We were all so devastated, especially my children.  The vet told us that she required spinal surgery that would cost between $6-9000 and would require a long recovery period.

Instead, we brought Bella home and called Dr. Fan. During the phone session that evening, Bella was visibly improving. By the next morning she was putting weight on her back legs and began walking the day after! Still a little wobbly but her strength continues to improve by leaps and bounds each day!  Six days later, after a 5-min follow-up with Dr. Fan, Bella started running like she old self again!

I had worked with Dr. Fan on myself and my family in the past and she always helped us greatly. I’m so glad she works on animals, too. We are so happy and grateful!!

A. B.

Villanova, PA

Maria D.

After I underwent a complex two-hour dental procedure, in less than 15 min via texting, Dr. Fan took away my tooth pain and inflammation, and brought a deep sense of relaxation and balance.  I was able to sleep without needing any medication! Thank you!!

Maria D.

Ojai, CA

Salem Mussie

I had knee and hip pain for a few years but the pain spread to all over my body in the last year. I did all the medical exams available and my doctors still could not explain what’s happening to me. I was put on many pain medications but nothing helped at all.

A friend referred Dr. Sharon to me and I was initially skeptical how someone could help me without even seeing me. But on the phone, she quickly figured out all the real causes of my pain, and within 20 minutes all pain was gone!

I’m so grateful for Dr. Sharon and my friend who recommended her!
Salem Mussie

Montreal, Canada

Áine Delaney

I recently developed symptoms of what I thought was Covid – sore throat, difficulty breathing, shaking, heart racing and inflammation in my lungs along with severe anxiety. I urgently contacted Dr. Fan and she did a Yuen Method healing by Skype call as I lay in my bed in Ireland.
She identified a number of psychic sources of my symptoms and they started to abate as she was speaking. In less than an hour, my sore throat cleared, the racing heart calmed and breathing normalized and anxiety dissipated. When she followed up with me the next day, all I had was some shaking. She said it was my body trying to release nervous energy. Right away the shaking stopped, too.
I’ve had Yuen healing with Dr. Fan before this, each time it made a huge difference. This time, I feel like she saved my life!
Áine Delaney

Galway, Ireland

Shawn Marks

I always get the best value and results from Sharon’s consultation. I simply tell her what’s bothering me or my family by phone/email and she pinpoints exactly what is causing the problem and clear it instantly. Best thing I love about her is that her service is very affordable because she works so fast! Most of my phone/email sessions are 5-10 minutes long, and I and my family feel great afterward!

Shawn Marks

Schenectady, NY

Amal Y

There aren’t enough words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you, Sharon. Your phone and text sessions have been a phenomenal help for me. What amazes me is how you are truly able to help me mentally, emotionally and physically without even seeing me. I’ve had experiences where I felt completely lost and stuck, and your sessions (usually under 10 minutes) have helped me get out of those situations very quickly. Thank you for all you’ve done, Sharon!

Amal Y

Fairfax, VA

Kristin K

Dr. Fan has become my most trusted and go-to doctor for my health and wellbeing. Her use of the Yuen Method has had tremendous benefits in my life. When any issues arise in my life that I don’t have answers to, I immediately consult Dr. Fan as she can quickly pinpoint the root causes and produce results on the spot. She doesn’t disappoint!


Kristin K

McLean, VA


Sharon has resolved so many problems for me and my family over the past few years by phone and email. From fear, anxiety, depression, traumas, relationship and family conflicts to physical pains, fatigue and much more. She pinpoints the root causes and resolves them very quickly.  I always feel much lighter and freer after a session with her!



Syracuse, NY

Reuben M

On behalf of myself and family I would like to express my gratitude to you for the services provided over the years and more recently for the short but very productive session for me and my wife. I am amazed at the level of speed you do the Yuen Method. You are one of the finest persons I know with high morals and true care. The world is truly blessed for having you!


Albany, NY

Li Yang

I met Dr. Fan in a travel group in India in 2019.  As she sat next to me on the bus, she noticed that I was in pain with stomach cramps. I thought I had eaten something that didn’t suit me, but she quickly uncovered my emotional root causes. Within a few minutes talking to her, the pain disappeared! I was able enjoy the rest of my trip without any discomfort and worry. I was so lucky to have met her when I really needed help!

Li Yang

Shenyang, China

Meredith H

I called Sharon yesterday regarding my son’s inability to focus on school work. Today I see a major transformation in him! He did not whine, complain or try to delay his assignment as before. He sat down and performed the task at hand with great focus. I am truly amazed!!

Meredith H

Bethesda, MD

Stevan Kospetin

It’s hard to describe in words what happened after my phone session with Sharon, but it felt like layers of mental resistances were suddenly dismantled, and physical tensions I have struggled for a long while are suddenly gone. I was blown away!

With utmost gratitude for Sharon’s work and transformation,

Stevan Kospetin

Frankfurt, Germany

Jonathan Cohen

When people who I care about and love which means clients, family and friends talk to me about what seems beyond difficult, I most often give them the phone number of Sharon Fan.  She applies an incredible technology which provides the space for miraculous healing to occur.  I am deeply grateful for Sharon.   

Dr. Jonathan Cohen

Glenmoore, PA

Jessica Henwood.

I was introduced to Dr. Sharon when I was going through a tough divorce and my life was crashing down around me.  I went from barely being able to breathe to picking myself up and carrying on after just one phone appointment with Dr. Sharon.  Since then when I feel mentally or emotionally rundown, I schedule a 10-15 min phone session with her.  Not only do her sessions make me feel better immediatly, they give me insight about myself and help me to live a better life. 

Jessica H.

Poolsville, MD

A. Y.

I was referred to Sharon by my family doctor and I am so thankful!  I was skeptical at first because I didn’t understand the concept of the Yuen Method but I went ahead and tried a consultation with her. I was shocked with how the mental thoughts and emotional feelings were gone while speaking with her. She’s truly phenomenal at what she does. From emotional struggles to physical pain, she is able to identify accurately and eliminate those life debilitating factors quickly.  I later took her Yuen Method training class and she taught me how to delete the causes that impacted my mind, body, and spirit. It has been a blessing for me and my whole family!!

Anyone with mental, emotional, physical struggles should absolutely seek her services. You will not be disappointed!

A. Y.

Falls Church, VA

Deon M.

Dr. Fan is so full of insights! She has managed to guide me through some of my most dark and confusing times. Matters with my work, relationships and my body pains were quickly addressed.  My health and wellbeing has since improved greatly. Most surprising was that this only took her a few moments of time over the phone with someone from a totally different country and culture.

She is a lifesaver!

Deon M.

Georgetown, Guyana

J. H.

Sharon has made a huge difference in my life. She has helped me with many issues, ranging from emotional to spiritual, financial and physical. Most recently, I have found myself stuck in Thailand during the Covid Pandemic, and she has been instrumental in helping me stay grounded and solid while dealing with the stress and uncertainty of being in a foreign country. She’s helped me resolve karmic issues in my relationships and with my family.

The best thing about working with Sharon and the Yuen method is… well you know how sometimes in life you just don’t know what the heck is going on? Like you have a feeling, a pain, a stress, or an experience that your logical mind just cannot make sense of? When I work with Sharon I get clear on why this stuff is happening and it gets resolved within a minute. Few people have that kind of clarity and efficiency. She’s highly intuitive and very gifted at this.

Jared H.

Los Angeles, CA

J. S.

I called Sharon with an emergency – I had shingles. I had not experienced such breathtaking gripping pain and within minutes Sharon was able to ease and eliminate the pain and resolve the issues causing the pain using the Yuen Method. She also followed up to make sure that the shingles were gone and I was okay. Needless to say, I have referred Sharon to close friends.
Janet S.

Faifax, VA

T. S.

I injured my lower back thirty years ago and since then it’s been the place stress migrates. Sooner or later it goes out, and I’m used to having to go to bed for several days when this happens. Sharon made all the pain go away in ten minutes. I’m a VERY GRATEFUL client!
T. S.

Washington, DC