I recently developed symptoms of what I thought was Covid – sore throat, difficulty breathing, shaking, heart racing and inflammation in my lungs along with severe anxiety. I urgently contacted Dr. Fan and she did a Yuen Method healing by Skype call as I lay in my bed in Ireland.
She identified a number of psychic sources of my symptoms and they started to abate as she was speaking. In less than an hour, my sore throat cleared, the racing heart calmed and breathing normalized and anxiety dissipated. When she followed up with me the next day, all I had was some shaking. She said it was my body trying to release nervous energy. Right away the shaking stopped, too.
I’ve had Yuen healing with Dr. Fan before this, each time it made a huge difference. This time, I feel like she saved my life!
Áine Delaney

Galway, Ireland