Our French Bulldog Bella had a spinal injury that caused her back end to become completely paralyzed (IVDD) and she had lost all ability to walk and use the bathroom.  We were all so devastated, especially my children.  The vet told us that she required spinal surgery that would cost between $6-9000 and would require a long recovery period.

Instead, we brought Bella home and called Dr. Fan. During the phone session that evening, Bella was visibly improving. By the next morning she was putting weight on her back legs and began walking the day after! Still a little wobbly but her strength continues to improve by leaps and bounds each day!  Six days later, after a 5-min follow-up with Dr. Fan, Bella started running like she old self again!

I had worked with Dr. Fan on myself and my family in the past and she always helped us greatly. I’m so glad she works on animals, too. We are so happy and grateful!!

A. B.

Villanova, PA