I attended two of your Yuen Method workshops and have had much success from your work.

When I went to the first one on that Sunday afternoon, my broken foot made it painful to walk and I was wearing a brace and going to PT twice a week. About half way through the meeting, I noticed my foot seemed hot then cold and I had a rumbling feeling under my skin, foot to ankle. Before I left I reached down to press on the break and broken tendon spots – nothing; no pain. I thought I was going nuts; sure it was to return. By around 7 pm, the rumbling was from foot to knee in both legs. I cannot remember when it stopped, but the next morning I went to work w/out my brace and I have not had any pain since. I did not tell my physical therapist what had happened, he was just amazed at my mobility Tuesday and again Thursday. He then said I was finished and need not return.

Since the second workshop, my weight is down 15 pounds, and my anxiety is a lot better.